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Safety protection of single lithium battery and lithium battery pack

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For single lithium batteries, the main safety hazard comes from the charging and discharging process, and at the same time, there is a suitable environment temperature design. In order to effectively avoid unnecessary losses, there are generally triple protection measures for single lithium batteries.

One is the use of switching elements: this requires the control system to set a limit resistance value. When the temperature in the battery rises, the resistance will increase, and when it reaches a certain level, it reaches the limit of the resistance value. At this time, the temperature is high enough to damage the battery. At this time, the battery will automatically stop supplying power and avoid working conditions.

The second is the choice of diaphragm material. The diaphragm is the most technical component of lithium-ion battery materials. A good diaphragm material can automatically dissolve the micron (or even nano) micropores attached to it when the temperature rises to a certain value. As a result, lithium ions cannot pass through the diaphragm and terminate the internal reaction of the battery.

The third is to set up a gas valve, including alkaline batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries, etc. are equipped with safety valves. The principle of the lithium battery safety valve is the same. The gas valve is a vent hole placed on the top of the battery. When the internal pressure of the battery rises to At a certain value, the safety valve opens automatically to ensure the safety of the battery.

For lithium battery packs, the main safety hazard comes from excessive capacity, and similar phenomena exist in single lithium batteries. Generally speaking, the capacity of a lithium-ion battery is inversely proportional to its safety. As the capacity increases, the volume of the battery increases, and its heat dissipation measures are extremely critical. The more complete protection function of lithium battery pack should be composed of two modules: one is to protect the circuit substrate, and the other is to intelligently judge the substrate. Specifically, it should include at least the following components: 1. Protection IC, which is divided into a first-level protection IC to prevent overcharge and over-discharge and a second-level protection IC to prevent overvoltage. 2. Fuse and related insurance interface. 3. Temperature adjustment function. 4. Display function.

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