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About us

Business Vision

Make environmentally friendly battery products industry pioneer, provides a platform for self-promotion and career development space for the staff.

corporate mission

To provide quality products and better services to promote the overall development of electronic products for the power industry, environmental protection battery products industry.

core values

Quality innovative services Human


Standardize their management and harmonious development continuing operations


Quality win and continuous improvement of customer satisfaction and win-win cooperation...

Deputy General Manager (Marketing) Responsibilities:

1. Develop a strategic plan based on the company's overall marketing strategy, organization;

2. Assist in the development of the overall market development, general manager of strategy and market development objectives;

3. To expand the company's market strategy, grasp the development direction of the company in the industry to complete the company's market position in the industry, to provide timely market feedback;

4. The company's overall operating business systems planning, business direction, leadership team building;

5. Establish and improve various rules and regulations, to promote the company's business systems management standardization, scientific and progressive;

6. based company's overall business objectives, submit a business plan for, oversee the implementation of the whole business process, complete the sales task;

7. training market business, construction and management of high-quality business team, the company plans to guide its completion, marketing tasks.

8. mentoring, market development, channel management and other daily work;

9. The charge for management oversight of the company's business, assess business work.

10. with customers, among the industry establish a good working relationship;

11. The organization department to develop a variety of business tools, complete marketing plans and payment tasks;

12. management business, help build, supplement, develop, cultivate business team;

13. assist the general manager of the company presided over the negotiations and the signing of important business contracts work;

14. assist in handling large customer complaints, tracking processing complaints results and customer satisfaction surveys;

15. carry out customer analysis, build customer relationships, and tap user demand;

16. Complete other tasks assigned by the interim general manager.

Deputy General Manager (Operations) Responsibilities:

1. organizations to develop and execute production planning, organization, management, control and supervision of the production system in order to achieve company goals;

2. participate in the development of the company's development strategy and annual business plans;

3. presided over the development, adjustment of total annual production plan and budget;

4. Press the workflow in coordinating the work of engineering, procurement, production, quality, warehouse sector;

5. leadership establish and improve the quality management system, organization and implementation and supervision, inspection operation of production quality system;

6. keep abreast of the status of the production process quality, coordination and communication and cooperation between various departments, in a timely manner to solve production problems;

7. Organize promote the application of new technologies, new processes, new equipment;

8. The organization and the regulatory oversight of the production process technology, quality, equipment, cost and output indicators;

9. leadership, management, plant maintenance department of the plant infrastructure maintenance, to ensure the production site capable of normal production, equipment in good condition;

10. The guidance, supervision and inspection of the work belongs to a subordinate master work and related data;

11. The overall balance of the annual production tasks, formulate issued monthly production plans, to achieve balanced production;

Quality department functions:

1. Assist Quality Director establish the company's quality management organization and quality management systems;

2. processing customer complaints under the leadership of director of quality;

3. The establishment of the company's product testing standards and testing methods;

4. The quality of the work plan and the establishment of the establishment of departmental goals, objectives and responsibilities of the post;

5. Establish materials, finished products and other aspects of testing and quality control of the content and procedures;

6. Establish collection and feedback of information materials, testing, and other aspects of the finished product, the quality of the summary report regularly reporting;

7. The initial establishment of quality tracking mechanism to collect and track meta-analysis, using the most advanced quality control methods and theory;

8. The cost of the initial establishment of quality statistics and analysis, provide the basis for the future to better control the quality costs;

9. services for the purpose, to assist the effective implementation of quality leadership department director of responsibilities, to provide the most effective with the support of the relevant functional departments of the company.

marketing department functions

1. Market planning, according to the company's development direction and goals, develop and maintain quality customer;

2. Control of market risk, evaluate the status of the customer's business and reputation, the company's loan guarantee timely recovery of the company's financial operations maintain a virtuous cycle;

3. collect market information and customer satisfaction for the company's positioning as a reference development and continuous improvement;

4. Coordination and deal with problems between the customer and the company, to provide customers with high quality services, to guarantee customer satisfaction;

5. Carefully examine customer quote data, trying to maximize the company's profits;

6. The actual production capacity of the plant to review and pre-contract offer to customer orders, and issued information sheets;

7. contracts, quotations and other confidential documents for effective management, to facilitate traceability and confidentiality;

8. customer quotation to recover the money from the whole process of giving a full range of services, including follow-up orders, shipments and other;

engineering department functions:

1. Sample needs assessment and prototyping tracking;

2. Production and review engineering data;

3. The manufacturing process of the preparation of product design and process documents;

Technical Review 4. processors of outsourcing;

5. Production routine maintenance of equipment.

Production department functions:

1. market orders received reply delivery and feed production;

2. New single production schedule and follow up;

3. The production process follow up and resolve the problem, ensure delivery;

4. To ensure the accuracy of product packaging, and strive no customer complaints;

5. close communication and marketing department, information and feedback deliveries;

6. Production Supervision and follow up the production schedule, to ensure that meet customer delivery requirements;

7. various departments and production adjustment and coordination plans;

8. The batch production of processed products and template;

9. The health status of the production site maintenance;

10. The production quality of the self-test;

11. The production and execution process conditions.

Purchasing department functions Description:

12. The procurement requirements, to find suppliers;

13. Assessment of suppliers and requested for a sample specimen, inquiry, bargaining identify qualified suppliers, signed a purchase contract with the supplier;

14. The purchase requisitions, purchase order, and follow up the delivery, and other;

15. Assistance for quality, engineering supplier product quality management;

16. At the end of check vendor accounts and submit financial audits;

17. The procurement contract arrangements, coordinating the Ministry of Finance for payment.

warehouse functions Description

1. Develop demand for materials planning;

2. warehouse management, all materials FIFO, handling gently, to prevent the material loss;

3. storage, send materials do account;

4. periodic inventory;

5. The financial offer to a library, storage and inventory data;

Listing 6. The report submitted to the Finance waste;

7. is responsible for materials and finished products out of warehouse management;

8. coordinate purchasing, production, finance.

Human Resources:

1. The establishment of the system and mechanism responsible for the company, and is responsible for interpretation, promotion, execution and perfect;

2. Responsible for the company's human resources planning and reserves, recruitment and training;

3. all levels of civilian management training, assessment and daily work of the transaction;

4. Responsible for Payroll;

5. assessment of company personnel, salary, promotion assessment;

6. Responsible for the establishment of the administrative system and mechanism, and responsible for the interpretation, promotion, execution and perfect;

7. Responsible for the safety and security fire drills;

8. The work of government departments and external contacts.

Ministry of Finance department functions:

1. Perform the state accounting standards, financial rules and related unified financial system, the development of the company's internal financial and accounting system and work procedures, organization and implementation after approval and supervise the implementation.

2. The calculation and payment of salaries;

3. Accounting and operating income payments;

4. prepared in accordance with accounting processes monthly financial statements, cost accounting statements;

5. The assessment and management of fixed assets;

6. The closing date / branch summons audit;

7. GL / ledger reconciliation;

8. The preparation of monthly financial income / support budget tables;

9. In accordance income / support budget tables and change information, supervision and income / support whether implementation;

10. The preparation of monthly reports and tax reporting;

11. The implementation of the annual audit;

12. The write-off single application, issuance and registration verification management;

13. Dominant regular inventory of raw materials recovery disk and accounting treatment;

14. organize regular inventory of fixed assets 。

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