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Charge discharge parameters of lithium polymer battery

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Polymer lithium batteries have the same charge and discharge characteristics as ordinary lithium ion batteries, but there will be slight differences in specific parameters. According to the current general technical level of polymer lithium batteries, parameters should be set for their charge, discharge and self-discharge processes .


1. The lithium battery charger used for charging should meet the three-stage characteristics of lithium battery charging, and be able to have and complete the three stages of pre-charging, constant current charging and constant voltage charging. For this reason, the original charger is the best choice.

2. Ambient temperature: 0~40℃.

3. Charging cut-off voltage: 4.2V, even if multiple battery cells are charged in series, the balanced charging method must be used to ensure that the voltage of a single cell does not exceed 4.2V.

4. Charging current: If it can be charged at 0.2C under non-emergency use, generally it cannot exceed 1C.


1. Ambient temperature: Discharge is the working state of polymer lithium battery, and the temperature requirement at this time is -20~60℃.

2. Discharge termination voltage: The current universal standard is 2.75V, and some can be set to 3V.

3. Discharge current: Polymer lithium batteries also have high current and large capacity types. The current of polymer lithium batteries that can be discharged with high power should be controlled within the range of the product specification.

Three, self-discharge

It is generally believed that the charged power of polymer lithium battery in the storage state is between 40-60%. Of course, it is impossible to keep it from time to time. For example, the mobile phone will usually be prompted to charge. Idle polymer lithium batteries are also troubled by self-discharge, and long-term self-discharge will cause over-discharge. For this, self-discharge should be prepared with both hands.

1. Regularly charge to maintain the voltage between 3.6V and 3.9V. The lithium battery can be charged at any time because there is no memory effect.

2. Make sure that the discharge termination voltage is not broken. If an alarm of insufficient battery appears during use, stop using the corresponding equipment decisively.

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